Tune Up & Oil Change Service at Detroit Auto Repair Center # 1

Every car needs a regular scheduled maintenance trip to the mechanic for a tune up. Your car engine is designed to be the power plant and provide power to your transmission to ultimately move your car down the street. Not taking care of your engine could lead to unnecessary transmission repair as well. Proper maintenance over time will reduce repair bills in the long run.

In order to find out if your vehicle may need maintenance or repair, you should look out for any automobile sounds or noises that seem out of the ordinary, as well as oil and coolant leaks. When parts to your engine leak, you run a high risk of overheating or starving the engine for oil pressure. Oil changes and tune ups keep it running smoothly. You can always stop by Detroit Auto Repair Center # 1 for a quick tune up that will keep your car running in tip-top shape.

A regular oil change should be done to keep the mechanical parts of your engine from prematurely failing. It also prolongs the life of your engine. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the oil once a year, or every 7,500 miles. Our staff of mechanics will work quickly to change your oil and provide the auto care that your car needs. Call Detroit Auto Repair Center # 1 today for quality oil changesin Detroit, MI.


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