Anti Theft Security System & Key Programming at Detroit Auto Repair Center # 1

While many cars today come with top-of-the-line security systems, some people either drive older cars with less secure systems, or they choose not to add them to their model. However, with the amount of cars that are broken into or stolen each year, many car owners end up adding in an anti theft security system later on. Detroit Auto Repair Center # 1 in Detroit, MI, can help you with that! Our trained mechanics can quickly install a security system that will leave your mind at ease, knowing that your car is protected.

If you need a new remote key, we can also provide key programming. Doing this through a dealership may cost hundreds of dollars more than it should cost. At Detroit Auto Repair Center # 1, we do your auto care at an affordable price, while also working efficiently to provide your auto electrical service. If your remote key stops working, we can work to provide a replacement or possibly reprogram your existing key to bring it a new life. If you key is lost, we can also help to program a replacement. Please contact us today for more information about our key programming services. 


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