Computer Reflash & Body Control Module Programming at Detroit Auto Repair Center # 1

Computer reflash services and body control module programming services are often overlooked by car owners. Computer reflash services provide a system update to your car. Like any computer, a car’s software should be updated fairly regularly. Doing this can improve the life of your car and potentially improve your car’s engine or transmission. Sometimes these updates can affect your safety while driving; in cases like this the reflash service is highly recommended by the car manufacturer. Simply bring your car into our auto repair shop. Detroit Auto Repair Center # 1 in Detroit, MI, will be able to inform you of any system updates that you may need, and our mechanics can update your car accordingly.

Body Control Module Programming pertains to any of the electronic accessories you may have in your car. This can include things like power windows, power locks, air conditioning, navigation, or bluetooth. While these problems can typically be troubleshooted on your own, many times the problem is not visible to the car owner and must be fixed by a mechanic. We can program your car so that all of your systems are performing as they should without any glitches. 


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